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Program-related investments (PRIs) are investments made by foundations to support charitable activities that involve the potential return of capital within an established time frame. PRIs include financing methods commonly associated with banks or other private investors, such as loans, loan guarantees, linked deposits, and even equity investments in charitable organizations or in commercial ventures for charitable purposes.

Private Investors

The ability to make a profit while achieving social impact is extraordinarily powerful and goes to the heart of challenging the public perception of “charity.” While it is still very much an emerging sector globally and locally, this investment model has been proven effective in moving families and youth into homes and providing an above-average return to the private investor.

Financial Institutions

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) is a federal law that imposes an affirmative obligation on banks to serve the credit needs of low- and moderate-income communities and to take steps to provide equal access to responsible financial products and services to traditionally underserved populations. Thanks to CRA, banks have actively promoted housing and economic opportunity for underserved groups by providing affordable mortgage programs, small business loan products, community development financing, funding for non-profit housing and economic development programs, etc.

Religious Institutions

Very similar to foundations, religious-based investment rules have a wide variety of interpretations based on the teaching of specific organizations, the strategies of certain mutual fund managers, mandates from religious leaders, many religious institutions have direct investments in the stock and bond markets, real estate and more.


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