Working Fusion at Mill Street

A Kairos Project 17 Housing Development in Collaboration with the Flaks Family Trust

Who We Are

Kairos Project 17, (KP17), is a start up public benefit corporation. We are a business with whose primary mission is to create positive generational shift through providing safe and respectable housing solutions, with post placement technical services to its community including social, emotional, psychological and life skills support.

Project: Working Fusion at Mill Street

Working Fusion at Mill Street is a development collaboration between Kairos Project 17 and the Flaks Family Trust. In line with the Flaks Family’s commitment to supporting homeless young adults, the Flaks Family trust is leasing land to KP17 so that it may develop an 18 unit tiny homes community. This workforce housing will allow young adults the time they need to establish best practices for living emotional, social and and financially responsible lifestyles.
Each tiny home is designed with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space. Each new renter receives a bed, bedding, television, silverware, dishes, 3 pieces of artwork and a community picture that they will care for and take with them when they move to more permanent residency. This provision establishes trust and responsibility and allows them to be more functional earlier during their next phase of housing. In addition to the technical services described above, KP17 in collaboration with other organizations will also program community activities such as yoga, summer concerts, community gardening education, poetry slam, and financial wellness classes.

Project Collaborators

  • Flaks Family Trust
  • Tremmel Design Group
  • HB&A
  • BamPaws
  • Altitude Land Consultants
  • Oliver E. Watts, Consulting Engineer, Inc.
  • Schooner Eco Homes, Inc.
  • Tumbleweed Tiny House Company
  • Concrete Couch
  • The Conservatory
  • DiPasquale Designs, (Lori DiPasquale)

In Summary

Kairos Project 17 is a philanthropic focused start-up. Our goal is to create generational shift by providing safe and respectable housing solutions with trauma informed wrap-around services. From a project perspective Working Fusion at Mill Street is in demand and ready to go. We need investors who are like minded, who want to change our community for the better; one person, one family, one home, one village at a time.
“You can’t do it on your own. To use the cliché, it takes a village. Or a neighborhood, or a community, or a city, or a state, or a nation. You can redirect your life toward greater happiness & well-being only when the world you live in (environment) supports you.” – BLUE ZONES, June 28, 2018